2019 USA Precision Rifle Match Schedule in one place.

Chris Baxter from Precision Rifle Matches group on the FB collected schedules for most of the precision rifle matches across USA and put them in one document so it will be easier for shooters to track it.

LINK:—->> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vR4wmHCPbaqmq0kyt2dcJyJQVBUO0ZYsE76EWtXO1fvUBxNFhiNSR-ccltGJrMQMwg3hsRxLrW8bS4i/pubhtml?fbclid=IwAR1RGKVlEVWcTStA3ap0VCMxhPRsP6gDPMooVfNsrqJ_UzGIBJO-p3YxpRA

New Nosler 6MM 115gr rdf (groups and tests)

DAY 1.

distance –> 600 yards

distance –> 1000 yards

distance –> 100 yards

Got a chance to fly the new 6mm bullet from Nosler. Let the pics and video speak for themselves. I got to say it hits way harder and flies like in its in space . Check out group I shot at 600 yard on the yote and 1000 on 45% ipsc ( keep an eye on the bottom of the target) . Targets getting painted tomorrow so stay tuned for more videos! (Ignore chatter In the background somebody’s always got a free advice at the range) . Trace will be visible in these videos…

DAY 2. Stretching To The Distance.

More testing of the new Nosler RDF at 
1615 yards and I think it flies awesome!
Rifle tired 6×47 
ELEV 17.8 mil 
Wind 1.5 mil L
Mvel 2935fps
Rvel. 1060fps
TOF Forever….

Disclaimer: I don’t edit videos and I don’t know how , if this gets too long for you go watch Oprah

distance –> 1615 yards

Nick Gadarzi

Benchmark Barrels , tested 6BRA , 6xc, 6×47
Rifles maintained by Paul Wunische at Salmon River Gunworks