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This playlist contains short educational videos about precision rifle shooting routine, exercises, and drills aimed to improve your training process.
Prs Competition 101: Competition Aftermath and Skills Training

PRS Competition 101: Nicks Favourite Stage

PRS Competition 101: Using video to identify flinching

PRS Competition 101: Shooting from the wiring reel.

PRS Competition 101: Barrel cleaning before competition.

Positional practice using ladder.

PRS Competition 101: Shooting from the tank trap.
PRS Competition 101: Shooting from the T-Post.


Contain videos from various matches and competitions so you could see real timing of the different stages, positions that being used by shooters and overall course of fire.
Prs Competition Dynamics 01 : Shooting Kneeling,Standing Positions

Prs Competitions Dynamics 02: Shooting stages with carbine, pistol and rifle on time

PRS Competition Dynamics 03: Shooting from the rooftop

PRS Competition Dynamics04 : Shooting from the net

PRS Competition Dynamics 05: Shooting from the log.

PRS Competition Dynamics 06: 2016 North West Precision Rifle League Finale