New Nosler 6MM 115gr rdf (groups and tests)

DAY 1.

distance –> 600 yards

distance –> 1000 yards

distance –> 100 yards

Got a chance to fly the new 6mm bullet from Nosler. Let the pics and video speak for themselves. I got to say it hits way harder and flies like in its in space . Check out group I shot at 600 yard on the yote and 1000 on 45% ipsc ( keep an eye on the bottom of the target) . Targets getting painted tomorrow so stay tuned for more videos! (Ignore chatter In the background somebody’s always got a free advice at the range) . Trace will be visible in these videos…

DAY 2. Stretching To The Distance.

More testing of the new Nosler RDF at 
1615 yards and I think it flies awesome!
Rifle tired 6×47 
ELEV 17.8 mil 
Wind 1.5 mil L
Mvel 2935fps
Rvel. 1060fps
TOF Forever….

Disclaimer: I don’t edit videos and I don’t know how , if this gets too long for you go watch Oprah

distance –> 1615 yards

Nick Gadarzi

Benchmark Barrels , tested 6BRA , 6xc, 6×47
Rifles maintained by Paul Wunische at Salmon River Gunworks

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